Kyle Lewis

Kyle Lewis is the player at the forefront of our 2nd round of Flip or Hold. This time we are going with a PSA graded refractor, his 2020 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor Rookie Card. Kyle Lewis is a player I feel has been extremely undervalued in the hobby. Current comps are sitting in the $130-$140 range in this card at a PSA 10. This surprises me because four other players in this 2020 rookie class have the same card selling for higher currently. Considering Lewis was the unanimous AL Rookie of the Year the price discrepancies are nothing short of mind boggling. In my opinion there are two main reasons for the lack of excitement over Kyle Lewis. The first is that he will turn 26 years old during the 2021 season, the second being that he plays in a smaller market on a team who hasn’t been to the postseason since 2001. Neither of these factors, at least in my opinion, should lead to such lower dollar amounts for his cards. 

This is exactly why we chose Kyle Lewis as our next Flip or Hold project. We also chose a card that has an enormously high ceiling given where it currently is trading at. The height of that ceiling is Fernando Tatis, JR whose 2019 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor PSA 10 RC’s are currently going north of $1,000. Given the age of Tatis vs Lewis, it is extremely unlikely that his card prices will ever approach that range. The biggest disrespect is the fact that Lewis is currently trading under prices of Arozarena who is actually a few months older than Lewis. The biggest factor that could help boost Lewis into the national scene would be the core of young Seattle players coming up and leading them to their first postseason birth in 20 years. Even without team success a strong 2021 season could drastically improve Lewis’ stock among hobby enthusiasts. 

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